what next...?

One of the more exciting (or tedious, depending on your point of view) aspects of this business is the way the ground constantly shifts under your feet, often requiring some fairly fancy footwork to stay one step ahead of the market. These days, the design market seems to be driven chiefly by new technologies and media, particularly those which hold a promise of being able to trawl new waters (or sink to new depths!) like the 'viral' media.

As so often happens, the BEDA pipeline has become clogged up with tedious paying work lately, so most new projects coming through have had to be shelved over the summer, but we hope to be able to bring some exciting new ideas to the market in the new year as part of our contribution to the relentless march of progress (it says here).

A rare excursion into the world of fashion...

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mobile app...

This wasn't our first venture into the world of mobile communications, and it almost certainly won't be our last, but it was one of the most complex. Designing an online shop, recruitment section, course booking facility and appointments calendar as one mobile app was an interesting exercise, to say the least. As the world continues to go mobile we have to learn to live with the constraints of the tiny screen, but it is a whole new discipline, there's no doubt about that.

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design and print...

We've joined forces with City digital print experts Kingswood Steele to bring a new dimension to our capability and address some of those shifting sands we're always talking about. We've been designing for print ever since the dawn of time (well, it seems like it sometimes) and we like to think we know a bit about what makes the difference.

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