HairClubLive, shaking up the hair industry...

We've just completed a re-design of the HairClubLive brand and built a new website, complete with an easy-to-use content management system to enable the clients to administer the site with a minimum of IT and creative support. The brand has been re-positioned to fit into the younger end of the target market and make full use of the growth in viral media for publicity and audience participation. The many twists and turns of the project are well illustrated by the different ideas the design team came up with following each change in the brief.

Urban/Grunge/edgy, whatever you want to call it! Illustration-based styles were originally discussed, but eventually discarded in favour of a photographic based effects approach.

It's hard to find a consensus when subjective ideas of cool, contemporary and fashion are allowed too much predominance.

The final design can be seen at It looks nothing like any of these!

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